Our mission is the development of our students’ skills and abilities as well as the development of their critical thinking. What we consider success is our students being able to use foreign languages in every communicative environment and instance.  This is why we insist that students take exams when they are really ready. To achieve this goal we have put together a  sound academic programme that takes into consideration the learning needs of all learners and of learners of different age.


Knowing the importance of the human factor in our work we have invested in our team of experts which consists of experienced teachers most of whom have studied abroad on a post graduate level.    These teachers stand out not only because of the knowledge they have in their field but also for their teaching abilities.  In our school we believe that no matter what teachers teach they are above all educators and they should inculcate in students the virtues of respect and dignity as well as stand by them during all times. To ensure that our teaching team maintains its excellence, we insist that all our staff receives training in the current educational methods by participating in training sessions and conferences on foreign language teaching.  


It is noteworthy that our school is supported by a psychologist who can aid the teachers and help them find ways to approach students so that they teach them in a way that is more meaningful. In order to guarantee that all students receive attention from the teacher, our school works only in classes of small size, consisting of 8-10 students. We believe that the small size of the classes helps students understand language better and gives them more chances to use the language communicatively in class. Furthermore, the small size of students helps teachers maintain class discipline and teach students to respect themselves and each other.  

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If you are searching for responsibility, seriousness and experience in the issue of the foreign language education, then trust us.
Our 34 years experience  in the teaching of foreign language education, the dynamic teaching staff and the production of ours original educational  material, ensure high rates of success in our students for the     obtainment of foreign language degree.


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